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Hand poured soy tarts, tea lights, and jars scented in your choice. I only use the best soy wax and oils. I scent mine to the max unless you would like lightly scented or unscented. I can make any color desired. Please give them a try you will not be disappointed.

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Payment expected at the time of ordering because I hand pour these when ordered. Please give me a few days to make.


Soy wax is all-natural
- Soy wax is a favorite of environmentally conscious people because it is not made from petroleum, like paraffin candles. Burning of soy candles does not increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere.

Soy candles last longer - They last 50% longer than paraffin candles.

Soy candles spills are easy to clean - It's very difficult to remove paraffin wax from furniture or textiles. Soy wax spills can easily be clean up with hot soapy water.

Soy candles produce less soot - Soot should be avoided because it is very unhealthy and can eventually coat furniture and walls. Soy candles produce about 90% less soot that paraffin candles.

Scented soy candles distribute more flavor - The incorporation of soybean oil lowers the melting point of the candle, which translates into cooler burning candles and faster scent dispersion.


 " Blessings To All "

*** I also make bakery candles with tarts and sprinkled cupcakes ***

***For My Friends Nearby,  Please see me at the Home Business Bazaar  every 2nd Saturday of the month at the AFRC from 9-3 pm. I will have different specials every month.  :)

Thanks for lookin & feel free to  email me at

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